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Accelerate Your Career

Executive Coaching

ACCEL Leadership & Team Consulting, LLC helps clients enhance their leadership effectiveness and prepare them to take on new levels of authority or become successors within their organizations. We utilize an integrated approach with assessments, coaching & feedback and stakeholder support to maximize the impact of development and results. Leading at optimal performance requires continuous insight and learning. Coaching will help maximize your effectiveness in your executive role. Contact us today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

Customized Coaching Plan

Goal Setting

  • Create a vision and identify goals for success
  • Set expectations and gain stakeholders support


  • Gain insight and deepen self-awareness to optimize results
  • Use personality assessments and 360- feedback to target development


  • Regular coaching sessions  in-person or video call
  • Focus on specific outcomes

Check Points

  • Reflect and evaluate progress
  • Next steps to sustain results

Maximize Your Potential