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Grow Your Capacity To Lead

Leadership Development

ACCEL Leadership & Team Consulting, LLC provides essential training to help clients improve their leadership skills to become better leaders and incorporate coaching into their everyday practice. We also work with aspiring leaders to help develop them for leadership opportunities. When you are your best as a leader, you can help others be at their best as well. Coaching and targeted development can help accelerate your learning curve and successfully navigate a critical leadership transition or opportunity. Our leadership coaching package includes 12 sessions, over 6 months, with in-depth assessments customized to your specific development goals. Contact us today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

Leadership Assessments

Agile Leader

The Hogan Agile Leader assessment is designed to help leaders and organizations understand leadership this digital age. The report gives leaders insights as to their strengths and opportunities that impact their ability to lead in a digital world and helps them figure out where they should focus attention in order to maximize their potential to lead in a digital world.

Hogan High Potential Talent – Emerging Leaders

Make smart strategic investments in your talent development efforts with this tool to help assess leadership potential and develop emerging leaders.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

We know leadership matters and makes a difference in helping organizations prosper and individuals thrive. The Hogan Leadership reports are designed to give leaders robust data and insight into their performance capabilities, motivators and potential challenges. When combined with coaching, leaders can optimize their performance and their teams.

Leader Focus

This Hogan assessment is designed for leaders to gain insight into six leadership dimensions that impact their leadership style and effectiveness. The report includes development tips and potential unconscious biases.

Leadership Training

coaching skills training leadership

Coaching Skills Training for Leaders

Everyone can benefit from coaching.  This program is designed to help leaders and organizations cultivate a coaching culture so that coaching conversations occur on a frequent basis and help drive higher levels of performance and employee engagement.   Help managers, team leaders, project leaders get started by learning and practicing essential coaching skills to accelerate their effectiveness. The workshop is highly interactive and includes:  

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment 
  • Active Inquiry Coaching Model 
  • Scenario based practice 
  • 60-day follow-up to reinforce practicing coaching skills

Leader Transition and Team Integration

The successful on-boarding and integration of a new leader is critical not only to the individual leader’s success, but also to the team’s effectiveness. It takes time to build productive relationships, level set on expectations, and understand each other’s operating styles. Often this learning happens in one-off situations with individuals, which can lead to inconsistency in communications or misunderstandings with having some directs in the know and aligned, and others not.   Early on in a new leader’s transition, it is important to create some common ground and build a foundation for trust 

The leader and team integration process is designed as a facilitated forum to help the leader and team gain a common understanding of expectations, create a dialogue to help reduce ambiguity or even misconceptions, and commit to some actions that support both the leader and team’s success.  Leadership coaching is provided to augment the process.


The Leadership Challenge Program®

Enhance your organization’s leadership capability with the highly acclaimed, The Leadership Challenge Program® from the authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Their research on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership includes teachable behaviors and practical tools that leaders can apply every day to bring out the best in others and cultivate high performance and employee engagement.

The program offers flexibility in terms of options for assessments, formats for delivery and follow-up coaching.

Kayrnne Bochicchio is a certified facilitator for the program and part of the extended The Leadership Challenge Program® Learning Community.


Leadership Retreats

Take your team to the next level with customized leadership retreats designed to enhance team effectiveness, create alignment and build strategies for success. Contact us today to discuss options for your organization.

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